The versatile power of the cement look

Warm materials. Tactile surfaces. Products that tell a story. Craftsmanship and industrial technologies unite in various collections of small-format ceramic stoneware and stoneware tiles into one multifaceted identity. This is craftsmanship interpreted for contemporary tastes. Diverse and distinctive products, ideas and impressions from past times reflecting the optics and haptics of handmade tiles. A varied […]

The power of nature – basalt look

Basalt comes directly from the heart of the earth. The dark natural stone is magma, which came to the surface of earth as a thin liquid and petrified to solid stone there. To fulfill our demands of being easy to take care of, the beauty of the natural stone has been perfectly imitated as porcelain […]

Cool water

Cool Water REFRESHING RELAXATION IN YOUR OWN GARDEN Summer cooling. Pure relaxation. The glass mosaics of the pool sparkle in the sun. The atmosphere of natural stone encloses the area with harmony. KEY FACTS We have provided the pool area with glass mosaics and laid it with natural stone. vienna 2 companies We trust our […]


THE BEDROOM AS A HAVEN OF PEACE. The composition of this room seems like a relaxing hug. Here, you can gather strength for the new day and can let what has happened be in the past. KEY FACTS This bedroom was laid with natural stones, mounted with stucco molding, was painted and the walls have […]