gold shimmer

gold shimmer

Where every detail is as precious as gold

In this freshly designed WC, every detail becomes art: seamless porcelain stoneware adorns the floor and rear wall, carefully mitred to give every look an elegant line. A suspended ceiling with a subtle light strip bathes the room in a pleasant atmosphere. The walls shine in glazed handmade ceramics, a shimmering green-blue and a radiant gold combine to create a harmonious dance of colors. An exquisite parquet floor now nestles elegantly underfoot, while freshly painted door frames lend every room an invigorating touch.


As part of this project, we redesigned the WC and gave it exquisite nuances with hand ceramics. The floor was replaced with high-quality parquet throughout the apartment. The doors were repainted for a very special finishing touch. Der Boden wurde in der gesamten Wohnung durch hochwertiges Parkett erneuert. Für den ganz besonderen Feinschliff sorgte die Neulackierung der Türen.


4 Companies

We trust our partners and know, after years of cooperation, who’s best for each individual commission. It is important to us to guarantee a smooth working process for you to enjoy your new space as soon as possible. That’s why we collaborate with our partners, covering everything that needs to be done.

terra4motion Generalunternehmen, Sturgyik GmbH, Glaserei Wöhrer, Tischlerei Binder