What may sound rough and as if belonging to a construction site at first can turn a bathroom into a stylish space with an industrial touch.

Minimalism provides space for oneself.

An overload is overwhelming. This is not the case here.

Thus, the look of cement gives the bathroom the chance to stand for itself and be perceived that way. The tiles become an interieur element and provide character. By avoiding hard contrasts, the look itself doesn’t appear hard and cool but instead creates a warm atmosphere in which you can let yourself go.

The simple design provides the possibility of combination. With only a few elements, combined with the tiles, a homogeneous, timeless interplay can be created. Completely avoiding a sensory overload but creating minimalistic elegance. In combination with narrow joints, a seamless transition is created, making the space seem bigger and more open.

This combination is a wonderful example of a coherent ensemble.   Color hues that harmonize with light and surface do not only provide relaxation for our eyes, but also enjoyment.

Suspense Smoke is the line for minimalistic bathrooms in an industrial, modern design.  Cement is the opposite of lifeless; a purposefully minimalistic design doesn’t need much, it just is.