Georg-Mendel-Gasse Badezimmer

Pure Elegance in purity: Clear design for noble aesthetic The floor and walls were covered with a timeless large-format slab made of marble-look porcelain stoneware, giving the room a classic sophistication. A custom-made, clad washbasin made of the same material completes the luxurious ambience. Everything has been carefully mitred. The shower was clad in the […]

gold shimmer

gold shimmer Where every detail is as precious as gold In this freshly designed WC, every detail becomes art: seamless porcelain stoneware adorns the floor and rear wall, carefully mitred to give every look an elegant line. A suspended ceiling with a subtle light strip bathes the room in a pleasant atmosphere. The walls shine […]


SEA ESSENCE Many functions in a small room When planning and renovating the bathroom, the focus was on optimising the space by getting the full potential out of the small cosy rooms. A sophisticated design with a Mediterranean look in combination with glazed stoneware refines the bathroom. The high-quality fittings with a brushed platinum finish […]


FEEL-GOOD-PLACE. A HOUSE MADE OF ONE TILE Relaxation. Simple elegance. Versatility. Feeling fully at home all year around in a dream vision come true. The fireplace makes for cozy moments in the winter, while the pool turns the outdoor area into a spa oasis in the summer. Large ceramic plates made of porcelain stoneware with […]

Cool water

Cool Water REFRESHING RELAXATION IN YOUR OWN GARDEN Summer cooling. Pure relaxation. The glass mosaics of the pool sparkle in the sun. The atmosphere of natural stone encloses the area with harmony. KEY FACTS We have provided the pool area with glass mosaics and laid it with natural stone. vienna 2 companies We trust our […]


THE BEDROOM AS A HAVEN OF PEACE. The composition of this room seems like a relaxing hug. Here, you can gather strength for the new day and can let what has happened be in the past. KEY FACTS This bedroom was laid with natural stones, mounted with stucco molding, was painted and the walls have […]


MASTER BATH ELEGANCE REIGNS HERE. AN INTERPLAY BETWEEN PORCELAIN STONEWARE AND MOSAIC. We have created a timeless room here that is independent from contemporary fashion and in which you lose track of time when getting lost in the figural mosaics. KEY FACTS To create this master bathroom, we have renovated the room completely. The screed […]


SPACE OF WATER. FEEL-GOOD OASIS IN YOUR OWN HOME. Sitting in a sauna and relaxing. Absorbing the heat and clearing your mind. Standing in the rain shower, closing your eyes, and thinking of the Isonzo. The water encloses your body; touching the wall embellished with river stones with your hand. We’ve designed this room with […]


LIVING SPACE. SPACE FOR LIVING. COMFORT WITH STYLE. Porcelainware makes up the cladding of the fireplace. The warmth that radiates from the stone invites you to enjoy a glass of red wine on the couch. Moments, in which the music is the crackling of the fireplace and your mind wanders, all the while the room […]