It is unsurprising that already Michelangelo fell for marble. The noble stone has already been used in ancient times for Greek temples to give the buildings their warranted dignified charm. The timeless stone gives every surface a sense of pure elegance. Even the warmth that emanates from the marbled stone immediately creates a cozy feeling.

Both the color and pattern of marble are individual. It looks different depending on its mining site and natural conditions. This makes for a perfect material for special and especially individual bathrooms.

The soft hue of marble lightens up the room and is well compatible with wood or white elements, creating a perfect harmony. The naturalness of the stone is reminiscent of a landscape and resembles a natural piece of art. And just like nature, these combinations do not have to be conventional. The marble offers a beautiful, neutral basis that is open to both daring and simple combinations.

The tiles and large-format slabs can be used indoors or outdoors,  for worktops or even to build a temple, and pose a high-quality style element for every room.